"And come on, music brought you two together." "You were both in love with music and then you fell in love with each other."

Reading If I Fall and this quote is really sticking with me and giving me feels.

"And come on, music brought you two together." "You were both in love with music and then you fell in love with each other."

Reading If I Fall and this quote is really sticking with me and giving me feels.

I’m just so overwhlemed with emotions and crying and i think i’m having a panic attack.

I miss my boyfriend even though i just saw him this morning, i’m overwhelmed with my apartment because to me it’s really messy even though it’s not and i need to do laundry and do a deep cleaning. And I got a cat last month and I’m regretting it. He has fleas and I’ve done everything and nothing’s working and i’m never here and i don’t think i can give him proper attention and i feel shitty for that and shitty for wanting to give him to someone else and i don’t even know what to do.

I hate when I really want advice on something but then I’m also too embarrassed to talk about it, and even when or if I talk about it I still don’t feel like I’ve gotten a comfortable answer…..

I should be asleep..





Those people who constantly reblog your stuff but you never really talk:


I do notice my regulars. You guys are the best.

"Regulars" makes me feel like a bar-tender…

Wiping down my dash at the end of an evening, I see your read-more, over-hear your rant in the tags, so I pour you a drink.

"…what’s troubling you, kid?"

Please feel free to message me if this is you and I haven’t liked the post.

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I have insomnia like mad. At least give me entertainment.



when I commit to a person, I FUCKING COMMIT. if their depression, anxiety or life comes knocking, you bet your ass i’m at the door with a double sided axe waiting for a good fight. 

you cant expect people, to always be happy, even if they are in love. because life doesn’t stop for anyone. But you can be there for the good fight. 

my god why can’t everyone be like this

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if you think i’m ugly now you should have seen me in 2009

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"You can be in a relationship for two years and feel nothing; you can be in a relationship for 2 months and feel everything. Time is not a measure of quality; of infatuation, or of love."

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This cat is overwhelming me to much I’m almost regretting ever getting him.

But my anxiety is also just really bad from barely sleeping, stress and pms so maybe that’s it.

You would think that after spending four days with my boyfriend I’d be fine for a couple of days but shit I miss him.


"i shouldn’t eat this" I say as I shove it into my mouth

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"I miss holding your hand in the car, watching you while you sing every line to every song you know. I miss going to sleep knowing that when I wake up you’re going to be the first thing I see, touch, and kiss. I miss waking up and not knowing what’s planned for the day, but knowing it’s going to be a good one because I’m spending it with you. I miss all the random kisses that I’ll never get tired of. I miss making you laugh and then watching you turn away because I can’t stop staring at your smile. I miss your presence being here with me. I miss how much happier I am when I’m with you. I miss you and everything about you, but each day that I miss you, I remind myself that I’m one day closer to seeing you again, kissing you again, holding your hand again, just being happy with you again. And that’s what makes all of this worth it."

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anonymously tell me your credit card number ill reply with what i bought

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